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Lyxor ETF Modification of the Fund’s Benchmark Index methodology – Lyxor FTSE Italia Mid Cap PIR (DR)

Lyxor ETF : Lyxor International Asset Management, in its capacity as the delegated asset manager of the MULTI UNITS FRANCE fund and of the aforementioned sub-fund, has decided to make the following modification:…

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Lyxor FTSE Italia Mid Cap PIR (DR) UCITS ETFAccFR0011758085

1 – Modification of the Fund’s Benchmark Index methodology

Subsequent to the amendment of the Italian Law No. 232/2016 instituting the “Piano Individuale di Risparmio a lungo termine” regime (the “PIR“ law) in December 2019, the name and methodology of the Fund’s Benchmark Index have been modified.

Former name of the Benchmark IndexNew name of the Benchmark Index
FTSE Italia PIR Mid Cap Net Tax IndexFTSE Italia PIR PMI Net Tax Index

2 – Consequences of this modification 

▪ Risk profile 

– The risk-return profile is modified: No

– The risk-return profile has increased: No

– Fees have increased: No

Primary market investors (i.e. who/which subscribe for and redeem shares directly from the Management Company) may redeem their shares from the Management Company and/or from its depositary without having to pay a redemption fee, provided that they comply with the minimum redemption requirements specified in the prospectus.

Shares in the Fund that are purchased on the secondary market cannot generally be directly sold back to the Fund. As a result, investors who trade in the stock market may incur brokerage and/or transaction fees on their transactions. These investors will also trade at a price that reflects the existence of a bid-ask spread}1 The Management Company recommends that investors contact their broker to obtain more information on any broker fees and bid-ask spreads that may apply to their transactions.

– New fund name

To more accurately reflect the new benchmark index, the Management Company has decided to change the Fund’s name as shown in the table below

Fund’s current name The Fund’s name as of 30/03/2020
Lyxor FTSE Italia Mid Cap PIR (DR) UCITS ETFLyxor FTSE Italia PMI PIR 2020 (DR) UCITS ETF


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