Denoiseux Vincent Lyxor ETF Money Monitor

Lyxor ETF Money Monitor 2020 in review

Lyxor ETF Money Monitor: In the first Money Monitor of 2021, we look back on December flows and 2020’s key numbers.

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Vincent Denoiseux, Head of ETF Research and Solutions at Lyxor Asset Management

The second half of this report contains a comprehensive analysis of flows in European open-ended funds and ETFs.

Key takeaways:

2020 ended on a very strong note, with more than €57bn invested in Equity funds and ETFs in December, while Fixed Income gathered €31.6bn. Vaccine rollouts added some positive momentum, and Brexit uncertainties finally started to unwind, with a deal agreed and passed before year end.

ETF flows: ETFs gathered €23.1bn during December. Fixed Income and Equity ETFs accumulated €4.5bn and €18.1bn respectively.

ETFs gathered a solid €89.3bn across 2020, their third-largest annual flow to date.

ESG ETFs continue to set new records in asset gathering with +€9.7bn in December. Across 2020, ESG ETFs had inflows of €45.5bn.

Smart Beta ETFs gathered €1.0bn, in another good month for value and equal-weighted ETFs.

Fixed Income funds and ETFs gathered a combined €31.6bn in net new assets (mostly into Global and EM), with €27.1bn into open-end funds and €4.5bn into ETFs.

Equity funds and ETFs enjoyed €57.0bn of net new assets, with 38.9bn into funds and €18.1bn into ETFs. US and China were in demand whilst UK suffered from the Brexit uncertainty.

Flows summary for the European ETF market in December 2020.

What happened last month?

– Equity ETFs gathered €18.1bn in net new assets.

– Fixed Income ETFs gathered €4.5bn over the same period.

– Another record month for ESG ETFs with €9.7bn in net new assets.


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