Denoiseux Vincent Lyxor ETF Money Monitor

Lyxor ETF Money Monitor April 2021

Lyxor ETF Money Monitor: Despite solid asset accumulation in April across Equity funds and ETFs, concerns over reflationary pressures and higher government bond yields weighed further on the market momentum.

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Vincent Denoiseux, Head of ETF Research and Solutions at Lyxor Asset Management

Key takeaways:

– ETF flows: ETFs have gathered €15.8bn through April 2021, close to March’s record. Fixed Income and Equity ETFs accumulated €5.0bn and €10.0bn respectively.

– ESG ETFs continue their strong trend and gathered €5.6 bn, with cumulated flow year to date standing at €34.1 bn more than half of the total ETF asset gathering (€66.0 bn)

– Smart Beta ETFs gathered €1.5bn. Investors’ preference for Value is still very much alive.

– Fixed Income funds and ETFs: fixed income funds and ETFs gathered a combined €30.3bn in net new assets with €25.3bn into open-end funds and €5.0bn into ETFs.

– Equity fund and ETFs: equity ETFs and openend funds enjoyed €38.8bn of net new assets, with 28.8bn into funds and €10.0bn into ETFs.


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