Lyxor launches a new UCITS ETF providing exposure to key eurozone banks

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Lyxor Asset Management continues to expand its range of sector-focused ETFs with the launch of the new Lyxor UCITS ETF EUROSTOXX BANKS on NYSE Euronext….

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    This ETF provides exposure to the main euro-zone banks selected among the EURO STOXX  index according to ICB classification. This ETF is the unique UCITS compliant fund in Europe replicating the EURO STOXX Banks index.  It benefits from Lyxor’s strong expertise in European sectors. In the broader European Banks space, Lyxor ranks as the leading provider in terms of efficiency over the past 3 years with the tightest liquidity spread, smallest tracking difference versus the benchmark, and
    tracking error (Source: Bloomberg data from 31/12/10 to 31/12/13).
    This fund aims to benefit from the expected further re-rating of the sector. Indeed, structural improvements in the eurozone such as an end to external deficits, a much better balance between fiscal tightness and accelerating structural reforms make euro-zone financial assets particularly attractive. The LYXOR UCITS ETF EUROSTOXX BANKS  is an investment solution to help investors benefit from this improving environment.
    At the same time, the ECB should continue to be supportive for the financial sector. Moreover, the Asset Quality Review may help investors gain better confidence in euro-zone banks, which continue to offer value. Consequently, Societe Generale research analysts do not expect a negative surprise from a major bank in the core euro-zone.  As a result, Lyxor believes it is timely to make new tools available to investors so they can take positions in this sector.

    Fees: 0.30%
    ISIN code: FR001164647

    Source: -Lyxor