Lyxor launches two new currency hedged share classes

Lyxor has recently launched two new GBP-hedged share classes, which add to our offering of currency-hedged ETFs….

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SG Global Quality Income GBP Hedged 

Investment Objective

Euro STOXX 300 (DR) GBP Hedged

Investment Objective

The LYXOR EURO STOXX 300 (DR)  is a UCITS compliant exchange traded fund that aims to track the benchmark index Euro Stoxx Net Return EUR, offsetting the impact of monthly variations of the index local currency vs. the GBP. The GBP-hedged share class offers the simplicity of a monthly currency hedge mechanism that is embedded in the investment product, representing an efficient solution to manage the foreign-exchange risk.
The index Euro STOXX Total Return (Net Dividend) is representative of the performance of the Eurozone broad equity market.
Lyxor ETFs are efficient investment vehicles listed on exchange that offer transparent, liquid and low-cost exposure to the underlying benchmark index.


The currency-hedged share classes mitigate the impact of FX fluctuations so that you can access the performance of the index in local currency terms.

In recent years currency fluctuations have been a sizeable component of equity market returns and volatility. This is why the decision to currency-hedge or not has become a key part of successful portfolio construction.


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