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Lyxor teams up with Alphien and X-Finance to launch an Alphathon

Lyxor joined forces with Alphien and X-Finance, the Polytechnique association dedicated to finance, in order to launch on 16th September an Alphathon, a competition open to international business school and university students aimed…

creating dynamic ETF Lyxor portfolio models to outperform the Stoxx 600 index (dividends reinvested). One of the competition’s most noticeable feature is the use of data science.

Lyxor provides candidates with historical price information for the ETF Stoxx 600 and the 18 sectoral ETFs which compose it, over a backtest period from January 2007 to December 2017.

The competition will be entirely online on Alphien’s integrated platform. The fintech provides the technology, the tools to easily build artificial intelligence models and back-tests, as well as some macroeconomic (leading indicators, inflation) and financial data (interest rates, exchange rates, …).

X-Finance’s role will be to promote the competition among finance associations at business schools and universities in order to increase its appeal to a broad community of data scientists. The Alphathon awards ceremony will be held in the first quarter of 2020.

Previously, in April 2019, Lyxor organised a Datathon along with Le Liberté Living Lab and Alphien, with the aim of measuring the links between the financial performance of assets and the inclusion of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria in investment decisions.

Innovation is part of our DNA and this Alphathon will enable us not only to forge prestigious partnerships with leading international business schools but also to explore how data science can be used in order to generate returns using ETFs.


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