Markit to Launch New Vintages of Agency Mortgage Indices


Markit, announced the forthcoming additions to the Markit MBX, Markit IOS and Markit PO agency mortgage index series on April 12, 2011.

The new Markit MBX, Markit IOS and Markit PO sub-indices are as follows:

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 Markit MBX  

Markit IOS 

 Markit PO

• MBX.FN30.500.03
• MBX.FN30.500.05
• MBX.FN30.500.08
• MBX.FN30.550.03
 • MBX.FN30.550.05 

• IOS.FN30.500.03
• IOS.FN30.500.05
• IOS.FN30.500.08
• IOS.FN30.550.03
 • IOS.FN30.550.05 

• PO.FN30.500.03
• PO.FN30.500.05
• PO.FN30.500.08
• PO.FN30.550.03
• PO.FN30.550.05

The new indices add to the existing family of agency mortgage derivative indices that Markit launched last year.  The indices will reference Fannie Mae collateral issued with 5.0% and 5.5% coupons for the older vintages of 2003, 2005 and 2008.  All new and existing indices will continue to price daily. 

Source: ETFWorld – Markit

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