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Melanion Capital to launch a Special Purpose Acquisition Company

Melanion Capital to launch a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) focused on Green and Clean Bitcoin

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Melanion Digital will be an independent new company, the first of its kind, and will focus on clean and green Bitcoin

Melanion Capital, the Paris-based independent alternative investment management company, has announced plans to launch Melanion Digital, a new company that will acquire and develop businesses linked to green and clean Bitcoin.

The company will invest across the entire Bitcoin ecosystem, with a focus on four main areas, as part of its ‘HTML’ strategy:

  • Holding green and clean bitcoin
  • Trading green and clean bitcoin
  • Mining green and clean bitcoin
  • Lending green and clean bitcoin

Green Bitcoin refers to coins that have been mined using only renewable energy sources, while clean Bitcoin describes a coin that has never been used before, or one where the provenance of the coin is known.

A ‘know your token’ process will be implemented so investors can be sure all tokens produced and used by Melanion Digital are green or clean, helping to overcome one of the major obstacles deterring institutional investors in the space.

The announcement follows the launch of the Melanion BTC Equities Universe UCITS ETF last month, the first UCITS-compliant Bitcoin Equities ETF in Europe (Bloomberg ticker: BTC FP) to offer fully-regulated exposure to the Bitcoin equities universe.

 “Every day it is becoming clearer that Bitcoin is here to stay, not as a vehicle for speculation, but as a viable and valued part of mainstream financial and commercial infrastructure around the world. This is what we view as the Bitcoin Transition, as it represents a long-term investment trend comparable to the early days of the internet,” explains Jad Comair, CEO of Melanion Capital.

Until very recently, Bitcoin investment solutions tended to cater only to a very small part of the investment world, and institutional investors in particular have generally not been able to allocate to this asset class because they lack appropriate products or channels. Melanion Capital is working to remedy this with a series of regulated Bitcoin investment vehicles, of which the SPAC will be the latest.

“Complementing our ETF launch, Melanion Digital will operate a business model that will give all types of investors ways to benefit from the Bitcoin Transition, providing exposure to economic activities right across the whole Bitcoin value chain as its adoption grows, and in a way that prioritizes environmental, social and governance objectives,” adds Comair.

As well as investing in Bitcoin mining and holding, Melanion Digital expects to acquire firms with specialist expertise or technology related to some of the more sophisticated Bitcoin trading strategies, as part of the HTML approach.

It will also develop a lending platform, through which Bitcoin-related businesses can borrow to fund new projects or initiatives, like investing in mining infrastructure through royalty models similar to the ones we see in the gold mining industry.

Melanion Digital will target a listing on Euronext in the coming months.


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