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MVIS and Prosperous Group Launch the TIM Conservative Index

Designed to track a unique (ultra-)conservative and globally diversified income investment strategy…

Thomas Kettner, Managing Director at MVIS

MV Index Solutions  and Prosperous Group AG, a Zurich-based innovation focused investment consultant, have launched the TIM Conservative Index.

The index is designed to track TIM The INCOME Masterclass,a unique (ultra-)conservative strategy of various, globally diversified income asset classes.

MVIS assumes the role of index administrator in order to facilitate the calculation and dissemination of the index.

The strategy targets low volatility with little or no correlation to traditional markets.

It covers ETFs with a reasonable pricing structure and the following focuses and weights:

  • 70% fixed income,
  • 15% alternative and multi-strategy investments,
  • 7.5 % sustainability,
  • 7.5% real estate.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Prosperous Group AG.

The TIM Conservative Index is designed to underlie financial products targetingan investment strategy for the safety focused investor and the risk averse portfolio manager,” said Thomas Kettner, Managing Director at MVIS.

Prosperous Group AG is led by co-founder and Head of Strategies & Markets, Philippe H. Berthoud, who helped organize and license the first European ETFs in 1999.

 “The INCOME Masterclass(TIM) is designed to anticipate future risks of global capital marketswhile providing a conservative level ofmanaged returns and daily liquidity protection withvery low volatility,” said Berthoud. “I’m thrilled to be back in the ETF world and look forward to making our new index available to the marketplace.”


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