New Amundi ETF with access to Scientific Beta index family’s multi-strategy approach launched on Xetra

ETF focuses on European mid- and large-cap companies….

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Valérie Baudson, CEO  Amundi ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta

A new equity index ETF issued by Amundi has been tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since Tuesday.

Name: Amundi ETF Europe Equity Multi Smart Allocation Scientific Beta UCITS ETF
Asset class: equity index ETF
ISIN: FR0013040292
Total expense ratio: 0.4 percent
Distribution policy: accumulating
Benchmark: Scientific Beta Extended Developed Europe Multi-Beta Multi-Strategy ERC

The Amundi ETF Europe Equity Multi Smart Allocation Scientific Beta UCITS ETF enables investors to participate for the first time in the multi-strategy approach of the Scientific Beta index family with a focus on European companies.

The reference index tracks the performance of the companies in the four sub-indices of the Scientific index family with the aim of generating a higher return than the indices weighted traditionally by market capitalisation.

Only large and mid-cap companies from industrialised nations and based in Europe are considered for selection, based on the following four risk factors: companies with the lowest market capitalisation, companies with the highest price to book ratio, companies with the highest dividend reinvestment return, and companies with the lowest volatility



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