New Amundi multifactor ETF on European companies launched on Xetra

Smart beta ETF tracks performance of iSTOXX Europe Multi-Factor Market Neutral Index….

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Name: Amundi ETF iSTOXX Europe Multi-Factor Market Neutral UCITS ETF
Asset class: equity index ETF
ISIN: FR0013284304
Ongoing charges: 0.55 percent
Distribution policy: accumulating
Reference index: iSTOXX Europe Multi-Factor Market Neutral Index

The smart beta ETF aims to combine the potential long-term outperformance of various risk premiums on the market for European stock corporations. These companies are selected based on the following factors: value, carry, momentum, size, low risk and quality.

The iSTOXX Europe Multi-Factor Market Neutral Index enters into a long position in the iSTOXX Europe Multi-Factor Index and a short position in the STOXX Europe 600 Futures Roll Index in order to harvest the risk premiums.


Source: ETFWorld

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