BNP Paribas ETC

New BNP Paribas ETCs on Xetra

The new BNP Paribas ETCs offer investors the opportunity to participate in the performance of forward contracts on individual industrial metals and commodities from the energy sector….

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The respective contracts are traded on the London Metal Exchange (LME) and relate to aluminium, lead, zinc and tin as well as petrol, heating oil and heavy oil.

The BNPP RICI Enhanced Metals (ER) Index EUR Hedge ETC tracks a basket of industrial and precious metals. This basket contains aluminium, lead, copper, nickel, zinc, tin as well as gold, palladium, platinum and silver.

As futures contracts have a limited term, they are generally exchanged before maturity for the futures contract with the closest maturity date (so-called “roll-over”).

This roll-over process can result in losses if the commodity price rises less sharply than the price of the next due forward contract. In order to avoid possible negative influences from the rollover process, an optimised selection procedure is used.

The ETCs are hedged against fluctuations in the US dollar against the euro.


BNPP RICI Enhanced Aluminum (ER) Index EUR Hedge ETC DE000PZ9REA8 1,20%.

BNPP RICI Enhanced Gas Oil (ER) Index EUR Hedge ETC DE000PZ9RED2 1,20%.

BNPP RICI Enhanced Gasoline (ER) Index EUR Hedge ETC DE000PZ9RE14 1,20%.

BNPP RICI Enhanced Heating Oil (ER) Index EUR Hedge ETC DE000PZ9REH3 1,20%.

BNPP RICI Enhanced Lead (ER) Index EUR Hedge ETC DE000PZ9REL5 1,20%.

BNPP RICI Enhanced Metals (ER) Indice EUR Hedge ETC DE000PZ9RME3 1,20%.

BNPP RICI Enhanced Tin Index (ER) EUR Hedge ETC DE000PZ9RET8 1,20%.

BNPP RICI Enhanced Zinc Index EUR Hedge ETC DE000PZ9REZ5 1,20%.

Source: ETFWorld

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