New FTSE Value-Stocks Japan Index extends Value Partners unique investment approach to Japan


FTSE Group (“FTSE”), the award-winning global index provider and Value Partners Index Services Limited (“Value Partners”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Value Partners Group, today launched the FTSE Value-Stocks Japan Index. The customised index builds on the success of previous indices for China, China A-Shares, Taiwan and Korea, offering a new and unique approach to investment opportunities in Japan. ….

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The new index is based on Value Partners’ distinct value-investing methodology, and is calculated and maintained by FTSE’s dedicated custom index solutions team. The index captures the performance of liquid value stocks selected from the investable universe of companies listed on the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges. Value Partners’ proprietary value-based screening approach seeks to extract superior performance within a range of market conditions, relative to a traditional market-cap weighted index.

The FTSE Value-Stocks Japan Index is the latest in a growing family of proprietary value-based indices. To date, the index series covers the Taiwan, Korea and China A-Share markets.

Source: ETFWorld – FTSE

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