New Unicredit ETF on Xetra: CoCo Bonds from Global Financial Institutions

The UC AXI Global Coco Bonds UCITS ETF – Institutional EUR-hedged gives investors the opportunity to participate in the performance of CoCo bonds of global financial institutions….

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CoCo bonds are long-dated, subordinated bonds with mostly fixed coupons, which are automatically converted from debt into equity when predetermined events occur.

CoCo bonds, like subordinated bonds, are used to offset other higher-ranking liabilities.

The ETF uses a hedging strategy to minimise the exchange rate risk between the base currency of the index components and the euro.

Name : UC AXI Global Coco Bonds UCITS ETF – Institutional EUR-hedged

ISIN: LU1873136789

Asset class : Bond ETF

Ongoing charges: 0.65 per cent

Dividend : Accumulating

Reference index: Solactive AXI Liquid Contingent Capital Global Market Index – EUR Hedged

Stock Exchange: Xetra


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