Nyse Arca: An ETF issuer lists 8 new ETFs


NYSE Euronext (NYSE:NYX) announces that on Thursday, June 23, 2011, the following ETFs will be listed on NYSE Arca and will begin trading as new issues. The Consolidated Tape Association (CTA) will disseminate real time trade and quote information for the ETFs to Tape B….

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            Security Name: EGShares Basic Materials GEMS ETF
            Short Name: EGShs Basic Mat GEMS
            CUSIP: 268461 20 9
            Trading Symbol: LGEM
            NAV Symbol: LGEM.NV
            Shares Out. Symbol: LGEM.SO
            Est. Cash Symbol: LGEM.EU
            Total Cash Symbol: LGEM.TC
            IOPV Symbol: LGEM.IV

            Security Name: EGShares Consumer Goods GEMS ETF
            Short Name: EGShs Cons Gds GEMS
            CUSIP: 268461 30 8
            Trading Symbol: GGEM
            NAV Symbol: GGEM.NV
            Shares Out. Symbol: GGEM.SO
            Est. Cash Symbol: GGEM.EU
            Total Cash Symbol: GGEM.TC
            IOPV Symbol: GGEM.IV

            Security Name: EGShares Health Care GEMS ETF
            Short Name: EGShs Hlth Care GEMS
            CUSIP: 268461 60 5
            Trading Symbol: HGEM
            NAV Symbol: HGEM.NV
            Shares Out. Symbol: HGEM.SO
            Est. Cash Symbol: HGEM.EU
            Total Cash Symbol: HGEM.TC
            IOPV Symbol: HGEM.IV

            Security Name: EGShares Industrials GEMS ETF
            Short Name: EGShs Industrls GEMS
            CUSIP: 268461 70 4
            Trading Symbol: IGEM
            NAV Symbol: IGEM.NV
            Shares Out. Symbol: IGEM.SO
            Est. Cash Symbol: IGEM.EU
            Total Cash Symbol: IGEM.TC
            IOPV Symbol: IGEM.IV

            Security Name: EGShares Technology GEMS ETF
            Short Name: EGShares Tech GEMS
            CUSIP: 268461 80 3
            Trading Symbol: QGEM
            NAV Symbol: QGEM.NV
            Shares Out. Symbol: QGEM.SO
            Est. Cash Symbol: QGEM.EU
            Total Cash Symbol: QGEM.TC
            IOPV Symbol: QGEM.IV


            Security Name: EGShares Telecom GEMS ETF
            Short Name: EGShs Telecom GEMS
            CUSIP: 268461 88 6
            Trading Symbol: TGEM
            NAV Symbol: TGEM.NV
            Shares Out. Symbol: TGEM.SO
            Est. Cash Symbol: TGEM.EU
            Total Cash Symbol: TGEM.TC
            IOPV Symbol: TGEM.IV

            Security Name: EGShares Utilities GEMS ETF
            Short Name: EGShs Utilities GEMS
            CUSIP: 268461 87 8
            Trading Symbol: UGEM
            NAV Symbol: UGEM.NV
            Shares Out. Symbol: UGEM.SO
            Est. Cash Symbol: UGEM.EU
            Total Cash Symbol: UGEM.TC
            IOPV Symbol: UGEM.IV
            Security Name: EGShares Consumer Services GEMS ETF
            Short Name: EGShs Cons Svcs GEMS
            CUSIP: 268461 40 7
            Trading Symbol: VGEM
            NAV Symbol: VGEM.NV
            Shares Out. Symbol: VGEM.SO
            Est. Cash Symbol: VGEM.EU
            Total Cash Symbol: VGEM.TC
            IOPV Symbol: VGEM.IV


            Source: ETFWorld – NYSE Arca

            Wilshire Micro-Cap ETF (based on the Wilshire US Micro-Cap Index)

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