NYSE Euronext welcomes first Total Market and AMX Midcap ETF’s


NYSE Euronext is delighted to announce that.

            Think Capital, an independent Dutch issuer of Exchange Traded Funds (known as ETFs or Trackers) has launched five new ETFs on NYSE Euronext, Amsterdam. With these ETFs Think Capital is focusing specifically on the Dutch market.  

            The new products also include innovations, in the form of the new AMX Midcap Tracker and the Total Market Trackers.

            ThinkCapital has launched five ETFs on NYSE Euronext; the Think AEX® Tracker, the Think AMX® Tracker and three Total Market Trackers: Think TMT Defensief, Think TMT Neutraal and Think TMT Offensief.
            The Think AEX Tracker is linked to the best-known index in the Netherlands, the AEX Index, and its unit price is approximately one-tenth of the leading Dutch index.


            The Think AMX Tracker is the first ETF to be linked to the Amsterdam midcap-index. It offers investors the opportunity to invest in this popular index in a transparent structure and at low cost.


            The Total Market Trackers invest in a mix of equities, bonds and real estate in a previously set allocation depending on the chosen profile: defensive, neutral or aggressive. The investments are spread over 40 equities in different sectors and different European countries, 10 different government bonds with varying maturities, and 10 different real estate funds.


            Joost van der Does de Willebois, CEO of NYSE Euronext, Amsterdam, said “We are delighted to welcome Think Capital as one of the first Dutch ETF issuers. It shows that these products are becoming increasingly known and popular in the Netherlands as well.”


            “We are extremely pleased to welcome ThinkCapital as a new issuer to the NYSE Euronext ETF markets. The introduction of Think ETFs on the AEX and AMX indexes is a welcome response to strong demand from investors for products based on the most important benchmarks for Dutch blue-chip and midcap stocks, and the three new Total Market Trackers based on multi-asset indexes are the first of their kind on Euronext”, said Scott Ebner, Senior Vice President, European Exchange Traded Products of NYSE Euronext.

            “We are very happy with the listing of our products on the Amsterdam market of NYSE Euronext”, said Martijn Rozemuller, Managing Director van ThinkCapital, “Trackers already are successful for years in the countries around us and in the US. With our Trackers we hope to offer Dutch investors a good alternative for the Investment Funds that are common in the Netherlands.”


            NYSE Euronext is the leading venue for Exchange Traded Funds. The ETF segment of NYSE Euronext continues to grow on its European and US markets. There are now a total of 449 ETFs listed on the European markets of NYSE Euronext. In November, on average 8039 transactions were executed per day in these products, an increase of 21% compared to November of last year. ETFs are also very popular in the Dutch market. The ETF market in the Netherlands has grown with 29% this year. 22 ETFs were listed in 2009. Currently there are 99 ETFs listed in Amsterdam with total assets under management (AUM) of € 41 billion.


            ETFs or Trackers are investment funds traded on the stock exchange. An ETF closely follows a particular index, or a combination of indices according to a previously established pattern. The funds combine the simplicity of equities with the diversified risk of investment funds. A further benefit is the low level of management fees associated with this type of passive investment.

            Source: ETFWorld – Euronext

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