Paris: A new ETF will be listed as of 08/06/2011

The ETF/Tracker HSBC MSCI EM LATIN AMERICA ETF issued by HSBC ETFs PLC will be listed as of 08/06/2011 ….

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            Trading characteristics:
            Trading name: HSBC MSCI EM LATAM
            Symbol: HMLA
            ISIN: IE00B4TS3815
            Euronext code: IE00B4TS3815
            Trading group: 08 Ticker: IHMLA
            Tick size: 0,01
            Trading currency: EUR
            Settlement Platform: Euroclear France
            DSO eligibility (SRD): Yes
            CFI code: EUOISR
            RIC: HMLA.PA
            Ticker: HMLA FP
            Liquidity provider code: 4.243
            Liquidity provider name: HSBC Global Markets
            Trading thresholds: 3,00%

            Product characteristics:
            Issuer: HSBC ETFs PLC
            Fund manager: HSBC Global Asset Management (UK) Limited
            Underlying Index: MSCI EM Latin America
            Index return: Total Return
            Index leverage: x1
            RIC underlying index: .dMILA00000NUS
            Ticker underlying index: NDUEEGFL
            Segment 1: Equity
            Segment 2: Geographic Equity
            Segment 3: Regions
            Segment 4: Latin America
            Exposition type: In Specie
            Total Earning Ratio: 0.60%
            Dividend frequency: Quarterly
            Base currency: USD
            French personal equity saving plan
            (PEA) Eligibility No
            Outstanding shares: 450.000

            Source: ETFWorld – Euronext


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