Paris: Suspension of subscriptions in CS ETF (IE) on MSCI India (IE00B564MX78)

francia 17

It has been decided to suspend subscriptions in the Fund until further notice. The suspension is as a result of recent tax announcements in the Indian Finance Bill which creates uncertainty about the tax situation of the Fund. Application for redemptions in the Fund are unaffected and will remain open.

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    Shareholders may obtain the prospectus, the simplified prospectus or key investor information document, the latest annual and semi-annual reports and copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association free of charge from the registered office of the Manager or the local representatives in the countries where the Company is registered and in Switzerland at Credit Suisse Funds AG, Sihlcity – Kalandergasse 4, CH-8045, Zürich as well as from the German information agent Deutsche Bank AG, Taunusanlage 12, D-60325 Frankfurt am Main and for Italy on the website

    Source: ETFWorld – CS ETF (IE) plc