RBS lists new emerging markets ETFs on NYSE Euronext


Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) launched five new Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam..

              The new ETFs, also known as Trackers, offer investors the opportunity to invest in emerging and frontier markets*.

              The new RBS Emerging Markets ETFs are:
              • MSCI Emerging and Frontier Africa ex South Africa Index ETF
              • MSCI Frontier Markets Index ETF
              • MSCI GCC Countries ex Saudi Arabia Top 50 Capped Index ETF
              • MSCI Brazil (ADR) EUR Hedged Index ETF
              • MSCI EM LatAm (Brazil ADR)EUR Hedged Index ETF

              The MSCI Emerging and Frontier Africa ex South Africa Index ETF gives investors the opportunity to invest in the African share market, exclusive of South Africa.

              The MSCI Frontier Markets Index ETF provides exposure to the stock of 25 frontier markets, that are widely spread around the world (the less developed emerging markets).

              The MSCI GCC Countries ex Saudi Arabia Top 50 Capped Index ETF offers an opportunity to invest in the share markets of cooperating countries on the Arabian Peninsula, i.e. Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Bahrain, but exclusive of Saudi Arabia.

              The two ETFs designed to hedge currency risks provide hedged access to the stock markets of emerging Latin American countries Brazil, Chili, Columbia, Mexico and Peru.

              “The outlook for economic growth continues to be more favourable in emerging markets than in developed Western markets. The new emerging and frontier markets ETFs are an addition to the existing range of the RBS Market Access ETFs and match our expertise in emerging and commodity markets,” says  Jean-Paul van Oudheusden, Head of Benelux Sales Equity Derivatives & Structured Retail. “Two of the five new ETFs offer the advantage of partially hedging currency exchange risk.”

              “We are pleased to welcome the new RBS Market Access ETFs to our Amsterdam market,” said Pedro Fernandes, European Head of ETPs at NYSE Euronext. “The new ETFs offer a growing number of investors flexible, transparent and cost-efficient investment opportunities in emerging markets. Demand for ETFs keeps growing, both in Amsterdam and elsewhere in Europe. NYSE Euronext’s exchanging community accommodates this demand through its broad range of ETF listings and transparency in liquid, regulated and secure markets.”  NYSE Euronext is the largest market in the world for Exchange Traded Funds.

              (*) Frontier markets are markets that are in an early stage of economic development.

              Source: ETFWorld – NYSE Euronext Amsterdam