SIX: Amundi lists 1 Equity ETF in CHF

Amundi lists 1 Equity ETF in CHF on the TOPIX CHF Daily Hedged Index.

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First Trading Day 26.07.2016

Market maker: BNP Paribas

Reference Data  
ISIN FR0013143757
Symbol TPHC
Sec. No. 32’252’573
Issuer Amundi Asset Management
Fund Currency CHF
Trading Currency CHF
Bloomberg Ticker TPHC SW
Reuters Ticker TPHC.S
Underlying TOPIX CHF Daily Hedged
Management Fee 0.48%


AMUNDI ETF JAPAN TOPIX UCITS ETF – DAILY HEDGED CHF is an index-tracking Fund with the objective of tracking, as closely as possible, the performance of the TOPIX Index , whether the Index rises or falls.

The target for maximum tracking error between changes in the Fund’s NAV and that of the Index is 2%.

The yen-denominated Index, gross dividends reinvested (dividends not including tax paid by the equities in the index are included in the calculation of the Index), is calculated and published by the index provider Tokyo Stock Exchange.

By investing in the DAILY HEDGED CHF unit, investor is not subject to exchange rate risk between the currency of the equities that make up the Index and the currency of the unit.

The equities in the TOPIX Index are leading securities traded in the Japanese markets.


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