SIX: db x-trackers lists 1 ETF on Barclays Global Aggregate Bond GBP Hedged Index

db x-trackers lists 1 ETF on Barclays Global Aggregate Bond GBP Hedged Index…

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Market maker(s):

  • Deutsche Bank AG London Branch
  • KCG Europe Limited
Product Namedb x-trackers II Barclays Global Agg Bond Index UCITS ETF 3D
Issuerdb x-trackers
Fund CurrencyUSD
Trading CurrencyGBP
Bloomberg TickerXBGG SW
Reuters TickerXBGG.S
UnderlyingBarclays Global Aggregate Bond GBP Hedged Index
Management Fee0.20%


The Barclays Global Aggregate Bond GBP Hedged Index is linked to the Barclays Global Aggregate Bond Index, which is intended to reflect the global market in investment grade fixed-rate tradeable debt market, meaning those bonds issued by issuers considered less likely to default.

The Underlying Index contains all the bonds from the following three indices: the U.S. Aggregate Index, the Pan-European Aggregate Index and the Asian-Pacific Aggregate Index . In addition, bonds eligible for inclusion in the Global Treasury Index, the Eurodollar Index, the Euro-Yen Index, the Canadian Index, and the Investment Grade 144A Index, which are not already included in the Regional Aggregate Indices, shall also be eligible for inclusion in the Underlying Index. The Index uses foreign exchange transactions to reduce the effects of exchange rate fluctuations between the currencies in which the bonds underlying the Underlying Index are denominated and the pound sterling, in which currency the Index is denominated (currency hedging).

The Underlying Index is rebalanced on a monthly basis, at each month-end. On each rebalancing date, the following specific rules will be applied to the eligible bonds in order to determine those bonds which shall be included in the Underlying Index: (i) amount outstanding/minimum issue size, (ii) quality, (iii) maturity, (iv) seniority/order of repayment of the debt, (v) taxability, (vi) coupon payments, (vii) eligible local currencies, (viii) market of issue and (ix) bond type. The Index is calculated daily on a total return basis which means that amounts equivalent to interest payments on the bonds are reinvested in the Underlying Index.


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