Strong presence of foreign investors in the Spanish stock market despite the crisis

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2011 Report on share ownership structure in Spain….

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    Non-residents continue to be the main owners of Spanish equities, at 40% of the market value, just a tenth below the record high
    Spanish households own 21.2%, which confirms stable trend

    Non-resident investors still are the main owners of shares in listed Spanish companies, with 40% of their total value, one more point than in 2010 and just a tenth below the 2009 record high, according to the latest report on share ownership structure in Spain released today by BME’S Research Department, with end-2011 data.

    The figure, which is the second highest percentage in history, reflects that despite the worsening conditions surrounding the European sovereign debt market, non-resident investors are gradually taking advantage of the sharp correction in Spanish equities.

    According to the study, the Spanish households maintain a solid position in Spanish equities, which are among the main assets in which they put their savings. Although in 2011 the participation of Spanish households decreased by a point to 21.2%, it confirms a trend of stability for the last five years.

    One of the conclusions of the report worth highlighting is the stronger presence of banks and saving banks in the stock market, which increased their position by 3 points last year, in contrast with non-financial firms, whose share of Spanish equities went down 4 points. In both cases, the changes are associated with factors linked to the financial crisis.

    The financial sector, which comprises banks, saving banks, investment funds and pensions, insurers and non-bank financial advisers, bucked the downward trend initiated in 2007, at 16.3% of the value of Spanish equities, up 4 points from the figure for 2010.

    Source: ETFWorld – BME