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Tabula hits €150 million milestone in Credit ETFs

Tabula: Four funds now live, providing liquid passive exposure to credit spreads and credit volatility risk premia …

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Michael John Lytle  Tabula CEO

Investor base includes asset managers, wealth managers, banks, private banks, family offices and insurance companie

A further four ETFs pending approval with six more in the pipeline

A year after launching its first ETF, specialist fixed income provider Tabula has captured €150 million in assets.

“Our ETFs have struck a chord with many types of investors, from wealth managers and asset managers to banks and insurance companies,” says Tabula CEO Michael John Lytle.

“Investors clearly need a broader range of tools for taking and managing fixed income exposure. Using ISDAs and posting collateral don’t fit many investors’ business plans.

And managing interest rate exposure in a world of negative government rates poses many challenges not addressed by traditional bond ETFs. Our funds combine specialist solutions with the transparency and liquidity of a UCITS ETF.”

Tabula currently offers passive exposure to both European investment grade credit and European high yield (long and short) as well as a fund designed to capture the credit volatility risk premium. “These ETFs are ideal building blocks for fixed income and multi-asset portfolios,” says Lytle. “They are diversified, highly liquid and can be used for core holdings or tactical positions.”  Tabula has a full pipeline of future product launches.

“We’re listening to what investors want,” says Lytle. “The fixed income market is highly complex, with many evolving opportunities and specialist instruments. We are making these accessible to a wider group of investors, helping them to manage fixed income risks more precisely and find new sources of return.”

Tabula’s pipeline of funds targeting specific fixed income risk factors includes inflation, enhanced cash bond portfolios, global carry strategies and blended portfolio exposure.

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