TSE: Listing of Japan’s First Leveraged/Inverse ETFs -Simplex AM TOPIX Bull 2x ETF/ TOPIX Bear -1x ETF


Simplex Asset Management Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Hiromasa Mizushima) listed “TOPIX Bull 2x ETF” (Code: 1568) and “TOPIX Bear -1x ETF” (Code: 1569) on Tokyo Stock Exchange..


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              “TOPIX Bull 2x ETF” tracks the “TOPIX Leveraged (2x) Index” which doubles the daily fluctuation rate of TOPIX, while “TOPIX Bear -1x ETF” tracks the “TOPIX Inverse (-1x) Index” which produces results opposite that of the daily fluctuation rate of TOPIX. These leveraged/inverse ETFs are the first of their kind to list in Japan.

              A listing ceremony for these ETFs was held at Tokyo Stock Exchange today, with Simplex Assent Management Co., Ltd.’s president & CEO Hiromasa Mizushima, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.’s president & CEO Atsushi Saito, and other related parties in attendance.

              Mr. Mizushima had this to say regarding the listing: “I feel it is a great honor that our company has listed Japan’s first leveraged and inverse ETFs on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. I hope that these ETFs will greatly invigorate the Japanese ETF market and expand interest in the market to an even wider base of investors. Moving forward, our company will continue contributing to the ETF market by keeping ahead of the curve with the development of cutting-edge products.”

              Mr. Saito commented: “I am delighted to welcome Japan’s first leveraged and inverse ETFs to the market today. I believe these ground-breaking ETFs will serve as useful tools for investors to expand their options in investment strategies. We at Tokyo Stock Exchange will continue working to diversify and invigorate our lineup of ETFs and other listed products, so we may continue providing investors with highly convenient methods of asset management and risk-hedging.”

              Ticker Issue Name Underlying Index Trading Unit
              1568 TOPIX Bull 2x ETF TOPIX Leveraged (2x) Index 10
              1569 TOPIX Bear -1x ETF TOPIX Inverse (-1x) Index 10

              Source: ETFWorld – TSE

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