UBS Global Asset Management lists ETF on LSE offering access to socially responsible investment in the Japanese equity market

UBS Global Asset Management has listed a new ETF on the London Stock Exchange……

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The UBS ETF MSCI Japan Socially Responsible UCITS ETF (JPY) adds a new and important component to the already broad range of UBS ETFs for socially responsible investments (SRI).

The new UBS ETF physically replicates a single benchmark in the MSCI Global SRI Index family. This ETF offers investors the opportunity to access companies whose business concepts and products meet the strictest criteria in the areas of environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance (Environmental, Social & Governance, ESG). To do this, MSCI Global Socially Responsible indices rely on a combination of negative and positive screening. They exclude companies whose activities are not in line with certain values, such as those who manufacture products which have a highly detrimental impact on the environment and society. Conversely, SRI indices also aim to include those companies with the highest ESG ratings in their own sectors. By doing this, they seek to ensure that companies that operate in ways that are particularly socially and environmentally beneficial are included in the index. This ETF gives investors transparent and low-cost access to a range of SRI-screened companies on the Japanese equity market whose business practices meet strict sustainability criteria.

Andrew Walsh, Head of UBS ETF Sales UK & Ireland commented: “Investors are increasingly looking at companies whose business activities are in harmony with social values and whose approach to managing environmental, social and corporate governance risks is first-rate. It follows that deciding to invest in a sustainable way isn’t about following a trend. On the contrary, the investment decision is primarily about striving for long-term values and sustainability.”

Socially responsible investment, performance and diversification are not mutually contradictory, as is clear from a comparison of the MSCI Japan Socially Responsible with its parent index, the MSCI Japan. While the latter lists many more equities, both indices performed in very much the same way over the past five years; indeed the MSCI Japan Socially Responsible performed slightly better through that period.

The new UBS ETF enhances the existing UBS SRI offering tracking the MSCI Global SRI Index family. The suite of indices enables investors to access sustainability-driven companies in developed markets and emerging countries, while at the same time facilitating not only diversified investments in the MSCI World SRI and the MSCI Emerging Markets SRI indices, but also more targeted exposures in individual regions, such as North America, Europe and the Middle East, as well as the Pacific Rim.

The full list of UBS SRI ETFs is below:

Name TER AuM in GBp M.* ISIN Bloomberg Sedol
MSCI Japan SRI UCITS ETF 0.40% 7 LU1230561679 JPSR LN BYQDZ49
MSCI World SRI UCITS ETF 0.38% 68 LU0629459743 UC44 LN B8NZ739
MSCI Emerging Markets SRI UCITS ETF 0.53% 23 LU1048313891 UC79 LN BMPHGM3
MSCI Europe & Middle East SRI UCITS ETF 0.28% 22 LU0629460675 UB39 LN B7TLNN6
MSCI North America SRI UCITS ETF 0.33% 100 LU0629460089 UC46 LN B6YRHS5
MSCI Pacific SRI UCITS ETF 0.40% 16 LU0629460832 UB45 LN B6VJTX3


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