UBS Global Asset Management will launch three new products in the ETF Segment of the SIX Swiss Exchange

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SIX Swiss Exchange is pleased to inform you that new products will be listed and traded in the Exchange Traded Funds segment:….


Product name: UBS Index Solutions – Gold ETF hedged (CHF)
Trading currency: CHF
Valor: 10602712
Symbol: AUCHAH
ISIN: CH0106027128
Market Maker: UBS AG

Product name: UBS-ETF MSCI Canada I
Trading currency: CAD
Valor: 10461056
Symbol: CANCDI
ISIN: LU0446734955
Market Maker: UBS AG

Product name: UBS-ETF MSCI EMU I
Trading currency: EUR
Valor: 10460954
Symbol: EMUEUI
Market Maker: UBS AG

Source: ETFWorld – SIX Swiss Exchange



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