VanEck Consolidates UCITS Platforms of Actively Managed Strategies and ETFs

VanEck today announced the consolidation of its actively and passively managed UCITS platforms in Europe into a newly established legal entity in Ireland, the VanEck ICAV. VanEck’s actively managed funds were previously SICAVs domiciled in Luxembourg…..

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Torsten Hunke, Managing Director of VanEck Europe

The consolidation of its UCITS platforms marks the next step in VanEck’s business expansion following the integration of VanEck’s European ETF and active fund business into one business unit in 2016.

Torsten Hunke, Managing Director of VanEck Europe, said: “Having both our active funds and ETFs domiciled in one country is an important step in growing our UCITS business in Europe and beyond. This consolidation will maximize efficiency, enhance our resources, and support our future business expansion initiatives.”

All costs in connection with the transfer of assets and the termination of the merging funds, as well as all legal, advisory and administrative costs associated with the consolidation will not be charged to the shareholders, but will be borne by VanEck.

VanEck currently offers four actively managed UCITS and four UCITS ETFs in Europe covering hard assets and precious metals, emerging markets equity and fixed income, and U.S. equity:

Actively managed VanEck UCITS:

VanEck – Global Hard Assets UCITS

VanEck – Global Gold UCITS

VanEck – Unconstrained Emerging Markets Bond UCITS

VanEck – Emerging Markets Equity UCITS

Passively managed VanEck UCITS:

VanEck Vectors Gold Miners UCITS ETF

VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners UCITS ETF

VanEck Vectors Morningstar US Wide Moat UCITS ETF

VanEck Vectors J.P. Morgan EM Local Currency Bond UCITS ETF


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