Will list Europe’s first Carbon ETC

Thursday 30th October will list Europe’s first Carbon ETC…




  ETF Securities Limited (ETFS), will list the world’s first Carbon ETC on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in the dedicated ETC segment. ETFS Carbon offers investors, for the first time ever in Europe, the opportunity to gain simple and direct exposure to the carbon emissions allowance futures market. It is expected that the first day of trading will be Thursday 30th October.

ETFS Carbon (LSE Code: CARB) is designed to track the price of carbon emissions allowance futures and offers investors a total return*. CARB tracks the ICE ECX EUA Futures Contract traded in London on the ICE Futures Market – currently the most liquid exchange traded contract within the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (“EU ETS”). Each ETFS Carbon is initially equivalent to one emissions allowance; the holder of an emissions allowance owns the right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent gas. On the LSE, ETFS Carbon will trade in both Euros (CARB) and also in British pence (CARP) on the London Stock Exchange. Each ETFS Carbon will begin trading at approximately EUR 18.37 (£14.74). – ETFSecuritie




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